Established in 2012, our organisation has been involved in research and development of time travel technologies since 2012. We are at the forefront of research and development in time travel technologies and have developed several inventions in our field, including the Simple Gravity Sensor, Simple Gravity Drive Time Travel Machine, and Sophisticated 6D Manifold Time Travel Machine. We are also involved in temporal reconnaissance and further developing the unified field theory in a proprietary setting. We have also published several papers and several books relating to our operations in the development of time travel technologies.

Our operations for 2016-2017 are chronicled in the ebooks comprising “The Time Travel Quartet” and “Time Travel Epic”.

My name is Luthor Laine, I am a scientist, and this website contains information about my research and experiments in science, and the development of sophisticated and advanced technology which is mostly kept secret.

In 2010 I received a Bachelor of Arts and in 2012 I received a Graduate Diploma in Humanities. Since 2012 I’ve been working in the fields of science and the development of models of theoretical physics, etc.

My work with CERN in 2007 helped advance the field of quantum physics and the discovery of the Higgs Boson. In the future I hope to be able to further advance research which will lead to discoveries in the area of supersymmetry and unified field theory.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. I hope to keep the blog updated daily so please check back soon for more updates!

Our main focus is the development of time travel technologies. When we developed the first time machine there were some unusual side effects which occurred and which led to the idea that hidden dimensions exist in parallel to our own world. We are investigating these clues left by extra-dimensional beings and our adventures are chronicled in our blog.

You can feel free to use our material for your own benefit, too. We’ve found that when you have a lot of time on your hands, there comes a lot of opportunity to get things done that you normally wouldn’t do.

On this website you will find plans to build the time machine. There are two versions of the time machine; A simple time machine costing about $300 in parts to construct, and a more sophisticated version costing about $6,000 in parts to construct. The more sophisticated version is capable of travel to any point in the known universe by traversing parallel dimensions, whereas the simple time machine can traverse in one direction only – backwards in universal space-time (according to the density vector), through which every point in the universe is also made available, albeit at lower speeds. Adding an electromagnet allows for time travel into the future in one vector – the heating, cooling, and ionisation systems of the sophisticated time travel machine also allow for traversal of dimensions and “forward” travel.

Time travel is simple. In its simplest form, there are 4 dimensions of space-time, comprising 1 dimension of time and 3 dimensions of space. In a more sophisticated model of space-time, there are 6 key parameters to measuring space-time, and the layout of the universe in this way is non-linear and allows for wormholes to be created, as well as allowing for the “one world, many planets” theory to be validated.

However, let’s keep things simple. It is just as easy to consider space-time as having 4 dimensions sprawling out over the lifetime of the universe. Think of having a 1-dimensional timeline for a record on a 2-dimensional record, only with 3 dimensions. Thinking about time in this sense as having 1 dimension is still a valid method of interpretation.

Now imagine mass as compressed energy per Einstein and consider what happens when you imbue a field containing a material object with tachyon energy. An analogy would be using a microwave to heat a meal, but in this scenario, anti-particles are generated with a singularity.

That’s what we’ve achieved with the time travel project which has been in development since 2012. At this stage we’ve managed to peel back several layers of matter and transport it backwards in time. We’ve also sent 2 humans, a dog, and a cat backwards through time. The results are concrete and documented.

The Gravity Drive Time Travel Machine works by manipulating the time vector of the scalar field surrounding it by means of generating a neutral electromagnetic field with a pocket sized singularity. It is the generation of the scalar field which allows for neutrinos to manifest and carry the contents of the area backwards through time.

I’m reminded of a song by Miki Fujimura in which it was stated that Vesper is the evening star and Lucifer is the morning star. How can the same star be the first to show in the evening and the last to show in the morning? That kind of thinking underpins my invention and the possibility of manipulating the time vector with a pocket sized singularity. There seems to be a diminishing of returns in terms of mass penetration in the range of about 120 watts. That’s about the same rating of our time machine’s power so it seems to be optimised for maximal energy efficiency.

That’s about the limit you’re going to get with conventional time machines in terms of the optimal use of resources. Of course, with a Tesla step-up transformer you can get better results, but you’ll need a pretty hefty power supply and beyond altering a set quantity of mass, using a greater quantity of power might be a waste.

As for time travel into the future, either a negative ion generator or an electromagnet will fit the bill. A domestic negative ion generator is rated at 58.33 years per hour travel into the future in terms of wave penetration and 240*5.8 seconds as a variable gravity lock. Chiu’s Immortality Devices also allow for time travel into the future when worn at a rate of 1 year per hour.

The reason why the West Coast had one of the hottest winters on record this year is due to the use of ionising devices. They generate carbon dioxide which heats the atmosphere up. That’s why the West Coast is in the future now. Time travel is a localised phenomenon.

Anyway, if you’re feeling miserable, use a negative ioniser day and night until you feel better. That’s because it’s miserable to be in the past, and the future is much better for your health. If I’ve missed anything these past couple of years, please let me know.

PS. You’ll need to fit a mirror to motor for the laser sensor because there isn’t much space between the motor and the singularity. The laser sensor detects the frequency of a laser which gauges the status of the singularity. When the singularity is spinning, the frequency of the laser as it is obstructed in succession by the rotating magnets and will send a signal to the computer which, in turn, will count the time duration output of the atomic clock.

It’s simple to say but will be difficult to get all these components running smoothly. Titor said that the main challenge of developing time travel was the miniaturisation of the sensors.