My time machine solved global warming

The sun has a gravitational pull and the Earth has a gravitational pull. My time machine induces a field of anti-gravity equivalent to 240 seconds per second, or in terms of its relationship to the planet’s location in space, approximately 42 kilometres per hour.

We were also monitoring its effects on the global temperature across an evenly distributed set of locations around the world, and in the past several years, the reduction on global temperatures is reflected in such an observation. The effects will be felt across the world.

In terms of how much “time” we’ve bought against the effects of global warming, the planet is in much the same state as it was about 240 years ago. In 240 years from now, the planet will heat up again (if we don’t push it further back in space) and someone will have to engage the time machine again. I’m thinking about reincarnating at such a time or going into hibernation until then. It’s playing out the same way as the early Phantasy Star series depicted.

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