Triangulating your position in space-time post time travel

Bearing in mind that there are differing densities which pass through the tachyon energy field generated by dual rotating singularities at differing rates according to their molecular mass, we can somehow calculate what time period exactly we are in as ascribed to a particular layer of density in relation to consciousness, which of itself is equal to energy or c.

In cross referencing our journey, which is chronicled as lasting, for the duration sitting here, of approximately 400 days, we can multiply that figure to solve the duration.


In terms of an atomic mass unit of the human body and other carbon based structures being fixed at 12 amu, we calculate the resulting time field based on empirical observations as being equivalent to the year 1979, benchmarked against a snapshot taken in 2014. Fields with greater density persist, whereas fields with less density and hence more energy were taken back further. The amu of 12 is regarded as a workable benchmark in which most activities occur. The effect was limited in relativity to the traveler (operator) only, and any flow-on effects which occurred such as weather patterns, events, etc. were witnessed in an alternate future by third parties.

In summary, the time machine travels at about 1 year per 10 days when placed next to the operator and this has been measured with clocks and sensors. In conclusion, triangulation such as this is regarded as a superior means of gauging changes to the time field and mass surrounding the equipment than, for example, observing the weather which in and of itself can be quite capricious and to some extent unreliable in measuring exact time. Observation of the weather in ascertaining a position might provide for some additional insight, but in terms of figuring out an exact position in time, triangulation as described here is highly recommended, and further study and research into the area is indicated.

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