The effects of time travel on economic markets

It is known that time machines, when used to travel either backwards or forwards through time, have flow-on effects which are best observed from a single point in space. There is a natural tendency for markets otherwise to move in one direction – and this tendency is reversed when a time machine is active in the region.

Time machines are very effective indeed, and depending on the power and duration of operation of such a device, it can have far-reaching consequences on economic activity which shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is an ongoing campaign to travel back to about 5,000 years into the past which will have effects which will be felt on a global scale.

The direction of financial and economic markets and other indicators like inflation rates, interest rates, etc. are essentially reversed in the medium to long term as long as the reverse gear is active. It is because of these effects that markets have an overall tendency to crash during times of negative time field generation.

In the future, I predict the following will happen, in accordance with the reversal of the 100 year trend up to about the year 2013. This is mainly due to the usage of the reverse gear as the negative time field is engaged.

The price of gold will decrease, mainly due to falling interest rates caused by deflation. The price of oil will decrease in a reversal of the 100 year trend. The stock market will be volatile and could possibly lose value if the time machine is effective enough.

The US stock market will be seen as the last haven for capitalism to flourish and profits to be made but it too will crash under the weight of the circumstances brought about by the usage of the negative time field. China might be resilient for a while but its economy, too, will stagnate and indices such as the Shanghai Composite will decline over the duration of engagement of the negative time field.

In other words, expect a reversal of every major economic indicator to occur on a broad scale throughout the duration of operation of the negative time field. The negative time field is expected to be in operation for most of the time throughout the following year and likely well into the future.

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