The coming ice age apocalypse

My time machine project was a success. One of the offshoots of developing this technology was a way to modify gravity. The anti-gravity field generated by the dual singularities causes the scalar field in its surrounds up to an 81 kilometre radius to travel backwards, away from the sun.

There is a significant build-up of heat when the field is transported, yet the changes which are induced by the device show a discrepancy of cooler temperatures world-wide further afield. So far, the global temperature has been reduced by about 2 degrees Celsius with the engagement of the machine over the past several months.

The addition of a Tesla coil and negative ion generator seemed to cause the scalar field to gravitate towards the omega point and as such these devices have been removed from the setup. The global temperature is as such predicted to cool rapidly and its rate of cooling might possibly accelerate as the negative time field expands.

Behold, the planet will soon recede into a new ice age, bringing with it the morbid fascination of an apocalyptic scale! Now is a good time to start making preparations because the event will come more quickly than we can imagine.

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