Getting Japanese (and other East Asian languages) to work in Linux Mint

Every time I do a fresh install of Linux Mint, I’m confounded by the way in which Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages need to be installed. I’m writing this post so myself and anyone else in the future needing general advice on how to do this can.

The way I figured it out was three steps:

  1. Install the language packs for the needed languages in the basic setup menu
  2. Install ibus-anthy. It can be found in the software depository.
  3. Configure IBus by typing “ibus” in the startup window
  4. Setup “input editors” on the basic setup for languages.
  5. Remember to check “IBus” as default editor in the system menu!
  6. Log out and log back in. This step is important and caused much frustration when overlooked.

That’s all. Forget all that technical command line shit that hackers do to make things work. Just use your common sense. Good luck!

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