Inducing electrical magnetogravitic singularities with alternating current pulses of ionic chain reactions

Titor stated that cold fusion reactors are used with the pumps for his time machine. I’m unsure as to what the pumps might be used for. Maybe a cooling system, or maybe something else.

Cold fusion invokes the nuclear weak force of the four (or five) fundamental forces of nature. If indeed it causes a chain reaction in the atomic structure of the rods and apparatus, it could possibly be used to alter the power of a setup of magnetogravitational singularities, thereby influencing the temporal vectors of electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear weak force.

It is assumed in this blog post that there is one vector per atomic structure which is traversable in terms of expansion and contraction; the contraction nature is the reverse direction of the expansion, and fission provides a means to travel to heat death and the end of the universe, whereas fusion orders systems and creates life, and eventually a return to the origins of the universe. The same applies to electromagnetic and gravitational force – in the beginning there was darkness, and by means of inducing fission light came into being.

It is believed that the nuclear reaction caused by the cold fusion reactor will generate enough energy for the singularities to overcome the boson cloud present in a terrestrial environment. When tachyons run through the reaction, biomorphic fields of resonance are taken to run through the slip in space-time generated by the singularities under influence of the cold fusion reaction. It is this which enables matter to slip through the wormhole generated by the singularities and hence FTL travel becomes possible because the frequency of the atomic structure in the field increases to superluminal atomic speeds.

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