Welcome to the crazy world of time travel! We’re making time machines, scalar weapons, and other exotic technologies! Join us in our quest to explore space-time, time travel philosophy, and engage in temporal reconnaissance as far back as 100 years into the past!
The singularity engine has been connected to a cold fusion reactor. Preliminary experiments show a significant decrease in air pressure when the apparatus is activated.

Update: I’ve set up a quasi government for the Empire of the Miniature cosmos. It can be accessed with this URL: http://www.researchandappliedscience.com/smf/

This will be one of the components of the finished time machine. It is a heating coil which is used to induce a field of high temperature, causing resonance with hotter worlds like Venus and Mercury. It isn’t the only thing which is included in the time machine, though. There are six components in total which are integrated into the finished version.
Mother Brain is a weather control system designed to make life more comfortable for the citizens of Mota.

When Earth became uninhabitable, several humans built the spaceship Noah and escaped into space. For years, they traveled the universe until they discovered Algo. They decided they wanted it, but they needed to get rid of the native population first. Mother Brain was created in order to fulfill that purpose.

Mother Brain established itself as a benevolent being only concerned with making life better for Algo. Under Mother Brain, luxuries that were once beyond the reaches of all but the richest of men were now commonplace. This confused the people, who were not used to such things, and they began to fight for what was created. Mother Brain fulfilled every dream and desire of those it watched over, making it so that no one needed to work anymore.

Unbeknownst to the population, there was an insidious purpose behind this. Because no one was working anymore, the people had become weak and lethargic. In time, they began to believe that they needed Mother Brain to survive. It was the intention of Mother Brain to lead Algo down the path of destruction once the people became completely dependent on the system.

Only Lutz, the magician who had helped Alis defeat Lassic, suspected Mother Brain’s real purpose. He fled to Dezo, where he and the espers built a mansion. He put himself into cryogenic sleep, knowing that there would be need for his help in the future.

In time, Mother Brain took over planning and controlling all aspects of the environment. The system quickly spread to Mota, where it turned the once arid planet into a lush grassland capable of growing crops. It was never able to become widespread on Dezo, however, because the Dezolians distrusted computers.

In space century 1274, there was a collision of spaceships above the Dezo Spaceport. There were no survivors on either ship apart from Rolf, whom Lutz saved when he heard Alis’s cry. Mother Brain used the incident to ban all space travel, effectively cutting the planets off from each other.

Eight years later, Neifirst escaped from the Biosystem Lab, stealing DNA data in the process. She escaped to Climatrol and began using its energy to create biomonsters. Mother Brain was unable to stop the creation of these monsters, thus forcing the Commander of Mota to have Rolf investigate the source of the problem.

When Climatrol was destroyed, all the spare rain supply poured into the river, causing mass flooding. The government of Palm blamed Rolf for Mother Brain’s malfunctions and sent a robot army to hunt them down.

When Rolf and the others were sent to the prison satellite known as Gaira, Mother Brain saw a way to kill two birds with one stone. It damaged the satellite, causing it to fall out of its orbit straight for a head on collision with Palm. It managed to realize part of this goal with the destruction of Palm, but a space pirate named Tyler managed to rescue the group before the impact.

Much later, after Lutz revealed the true purpose of Mother Brain, Rolf and the others were transported to Noah in order to destroy the system and free Algo. Upon reaching the computer system, they were confronted with a hologram of a beautiful woman. The system made no secret of its true purpose, but warned that without her, the people would become helpless and die. However, Rolf and the group engaged her, knowing that she would now only do more harm than good.

In battle, she fires a beam that does damage to all party members or, less commonly, a single member. She is considerably easier than Dark Force, the boss that immediately precedes her. She was ultimately destroyed.

The death of Mother Brain ushered in a period of decline known as the Great Collapse. Over 90% of Algo’s population died, and the advanced technological culture was lost. In the aftermath, scientists on the planet Mota attempted to build a new Mother Brain unit code-named Daughter. However, the plan was abandoned and it was later decided to build a enviromental control system on the satellite Zelan, watched over by a Wren-unit andriod.

Source: https://phantasystar.fandom.com/wiki/Mother_Brain. COPYRIGHT ACT 1968 – SECT 40. (1) A fair dealing with a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, or with an adaptation of a literary, dramatic or musical work, for the purpose of research or study does not constitute an infringement of the copyright in the work.

Update: Here are a couple more files relating to humidity levels and other measurements with the machine. The way it is now, there are 6 components to the machine – the singularities, an electromagnet, a heating system,  a cooling system, a negative ion generator, and a Tesla coil. The whole system will be integrated into one big unit. The 5 year experiment has come to a conclusion. Here are the final experimentation files:

The universe is in a state of constant expansion. The human is like a raisin in an ever-expanding dough of space. This means that the already born human decreases in size, relative to the rest of the universe. The rate of expansion is related to the mass of the object, and less massive objects in the spectrum of mass density are more susceptible to changes in relation to the rest of the universe around them.

It is for this reason that backwards travel through time causes the time traveller to increase in size. This is what occurred to Alice in Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels. The aforementioned information was inspired by an episode of Doctor Who.

Image credit: Dawn Hudson

So, if you want to reduce your stature by 2 ft, for example, travel forward 25% of the time (i.e. use the machine normally in your daily routine) for 40 years. You’ll need the immortality rings to survive old age during the temporal transition. You’ll also need a streamlined time machine to avoid any mishaps relating to structural integrity of the time machine.

while mission = TRUEIf (sun = TRUE) { if (moon = TRUE) { do.nothing } if (moon = FALSE) { do.nothing } }if (sun = FALSE) { if (moon = TRUE) { do.nothing } if (moon = FALSE) { engage.machine }while end
The characteristics of the sun or moon being TRUE or FALSE depends on https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/education/kits/tides/media/supp_tide07a.html
As such, there is a window of opportunity to engage the reverse gear during the 6 hour range with the midpoint at sunrise and the 6 hour range with the midpoint at sunset. The moonrise and moonset also needs to be accounted for in a similar fashion
Add 35.5 minutes to each day for average moon cycle.
The sun has a gravitational field which affects tides, etc. Therefore the above program is correct. Also take into account that TRUE denotes the semidiurnal meridian phase and FALSE denotes the opposite in respect to the celestial bodies. There are some effects in the other planets as well and these will be researched soon.
I’m still uncertain as to why these particular situations aid in the engagement of the gravity drives. Perhaps it has something to do with the amplification of the field.
There is a certain effect of cold amplification on biological organisms discussed in this paper: https://academic.oup.com/nar/article/39/1/e2/2409786
More research in the subject of cold amplification and heat amplification is recommended.

New! I’ve calculated the effective distance to the time machine for atomic mass units of up to 238. This calculation was based on two observations, namely the ultimate power it has on bending time with an analogue watch, and the fate of a certain individual. It matches closely the effective range of Titor’s device, and as such, its effective range tapers off after about 10 metres.

Update: Also included below is a “baseline divergence data set” which serves as the basic divergence expected with temporal traversal in increments of years. It is taken that outgassing of the gravity sensor accounts for most of the effects associated with calculating baseline divergence. The maximal divergence observed using this data set as a basis was 1000% earlier this year.

Could this be the inspiration for Titor’s C204 time travel machine?
(Sierra Entertainment. 1991. Space Quest IV Manual.)

Tempus edax rerum

a) Tabida consumit ferrum lapidesque vetustas; Nullas; res majus tempore robur habet. Longa dies homini docuit parere leones:

b) Longa dies molli saxa peredit aqua.

c) Deficiunt validi longaevo tempore tauri: Et quondam pulcher, qui modo turpis, equus. Fracta diu rabidi compescitur ira leonis: Lentaque per senium I Caspia tigris eat. Ipsa etiam venens consumit saxa vetustas, Et nullum est quod non tempore cedat opus.

d) Tempus edax rerum, tuque invidiosa vetustas, Omnia destruitis; vitiataque 2 dentibus aevi Paulatim longa consumitis omnia morte.

e) Clara suit 3 Sparte, magnae viguere 4 Mycenae; Nec non 5 Cecropiae, neo non 6 Amphionis arces;

f) Vile solum Sparta est, magnae cecidere Mycenae; 7 Oedipodioniae quid sunt nifi fabula Thebae? Quid 8 Pandionae restant, nifi nomen, Athenae?

g) Tantum aevi longinqua valet mutare vetustas!

Source: Ex Poetis Latinis collecta. Pages 240-241.

Update: I’ve decided not to go ahead with the manufacture of the small time machines. They would work properly but wouldn’t have enough power to achieve a very significant result in time travel. As such, as of tomorrow, the 12th of October 2018, I’ll begin work on the ultimate time machine. Maybe in a while from now I’ll go ahead and make the smaller units. Combined, I bet they could pack one heck of a punch! But in the meantime I’ll be focused on making a bigger, more powerful time machine.

This is a comprehensive graph illustrating the relative temperature (compared with 2008-2016 average) decrease which occurred during operation of the time machine.


Please ignore the following few paragraphs. They are saved for posterity purposes only. The reason being is that the mathematical theory doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. The new data based on some empirical observations and cross referenced with projections derived from statistical information about air pressure suggests a time dilation for an area of 81 kilometres radius or the distance to the horizon on a scale of 0.3 millibars per 5 hours, or 13.00 years per hour if the New York air pressure methodology is used (which is 0.004617 millibars positive difference per year).

The following mathematical equations prove my “one world, many planets” theory. I was able to retrieve them from the digital artefacts scattered throughout my Facebook page post travel today.

To clarify, 42 denotes the speed in km/h of the device. 240 is the time dilation caused in units of seconds per second when the device is active. 54600000 is the closest distance from Earth to Mars in kilometres. 5416.67 is the calculated duration in years between the two.

65 is the temperature difference in degrees Celsius between Earth and Mars, and 0.012 is the average temperature increase in degrees Celsius per year. When combined, the rate of speed of the device compared with its time dilation is exactly equal to the difference in epochs across space-time. It is this series of equations which unify space-time.

Owing to this and the device’s potential for altering air density, navigation throughout space-time becomes possible by observing the gravity of the immediate scalar field. This is done with a simple series of gravity sensors which are measured against a benchmark. It is this benchmark which we are crafting right now and it will be used in the computer algorithms for our time travel venture.

42 * 240 = 10080
1 / 54600000 = 1.83e-8
1.83e-8 * 10080 = 1.85e-4
1 / 1.85e-4 = 5416.67
65 / 0.012 = 5416.67

This chart is crucial to our experiments. It is the diurnal air pressure fluctuations in millibars. It’s useful for checking changes in air pressure for the purposes of experimentation throughout the day and we’re thinking about integrating a similar system in our time travel machines. It’s based on the academic work of several organisations which are credited on our Facebook page. The chart can also be used as a rudimentary reference for the purposes of time travel with a rudimentary time travel machine like the Gravity Drive Mark II.
My time machine is capable of backwards and forwards travel through the aeons. By activating the Tesla coil along with the timed capacitor, negative ion generator, and singularities, time travel to the past where Earth is more like Mars becomes possible. By activating the singularities alone, time travel to the future where Earth is more like Venus is also possible. At the moment, we’re studying changes to the air pressure, temperature, and humidity and using the statistical data to benchmark our time machine’s temporal traversal capabilities.
Welcome to our lab. We’re making time machines, warp drives, gravity sensors, scalar weapons, and other high tech items. Please check out our blog for more information too and please excuse the mess.
This chart indicates a steady increase in world temperatures. When projected back 5,417 years it generates the values for the same conditions as Mars. As such it is taken that Mars is Earth 5,417 years in the past. This is similar to the date of the start of the world in Anno Mundi, in the Torah. The fact that the world changes into another planet every 5,417 years means that with a time machine, space-time becomes traversable.
This is a prototype of my time distortion engine. Not pictured is a negative ion generator, which in conjunction with the singularity, allows for time travel to the past. The whole unit also doubles as a directed energy scalar weapon, although that isn’t what it was designed for.
This diagram shows how the temporal distortion unit can also be used as a directed energy scalar weapon. If you increase the distance between the singularity and the negative ion generator and add a turret to the apparatus, the required time to charge the ionosphere becomes less. Depending on the geographical environment and timing, it can be used to induce storms, earthquakes, and hurricanes. It is capable of destroying the surface organisms of an entire planet in about a year. Given about 50 years and the proper usage, it is capable of destroying a star system. If you have enough power you can also use it to destroy stars and a battalion of such would be able to destroy an entire galaxy!
This is the basic schematic for my temporal distortion engine. It combines the power of either Tesla coils or negative ion generators and the amplification effects of the singularities to produce a Tipler sinusoid, capable of time travel, weather modification, and scalar warfare.
One of the side effects of using my temporal distortion machine is that it causes rainfall. Rainfall is otherwise pretty constant over historical periods of time.

Welcome to Research and Applied Science! This site is dedicated to progressing research in the fields of astrophysics, quantum physics, and modern physics, with the aim of further developing and refining a unified field theory.

We are involved in special research in time travel, space travel, and other exotic technologies. Our efforts are chronicled in books and a blog, all of which are free under a Creative Commons 3.0 license! Join us in the quest for more knowledge!

At the moment, we are engaged in research which will ultimately lead to the proof of supersymmetry and evidence of the existence of parallel worlds. In obtaining discoveries and knowledge in these two fields, it is hoped that we will be able to develop a unified field theory.

A lot of our work involves working with vast quantities of information, and we try not to do the same thing twice, as there is a lot of ground to cover in our research. As such we designed this site to help in the collaborative effort of developing theories and conducting experiments to validate them.

The sort of theories and experiments we’re working with here can be replicated in any low-cost laboratory. We believe in efficiency and lasting results, and can mobilise quickly in order to prove one theory or another. Our theories are based in the material world as well as the quantum world to some extent, and experiments to make new discoveries and supplement the research which has gone into the theory can be replicated in most circumstances.

Our ultimate goal is to create a map of unified space-time, with differing dimensions, in the hopes that we can get our bearings on our position in space-time. It is said (Wilcock 2016) that the Earth is the centre of the universe. We hope to figure out new ways in which to test this theory and it will hopefully lead to the development of an all-encompassing blueprint of the universe, or as fate might dictate, the multiverse.

Our research will end with the development of a time machine which is capable of traversal to a range of destinations in six dimensional space-time, with an emphasis on the 3 dimensions of time. In 2050 we are expecting to develop machines capable of spatial traversal, and the entire universe should be made available to us by the year 2100 with the development of a 6D space-time manifold traversing spacecraft.